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WakuWaku Japan

This contest has ended.
Thank you for many entries.

Dance「Karada Dance」and get tickets to Japan!

How to apply:
1. Follow our Instagram account「@ajapan_eng
2. Add hashtag 「#aJapanSNS」 post your Karada Dance’s video or picture.

★ Anyone can apply for many times.
★ You can either post video or pictures!
★ Please write your Name, Age, and Country with alphabet while posting the content.

QR code for @ajapan_eng

【Contest Information for Thailand】
The campaign for Thailand will be different from other countries.

Entry period

January 6th to January 31st, 2018

How to apply

Entry method is the same as the other countries.
*Please check “How to apply” in the “Dance「Karada Dance」and get tickets to Japan!” above.


  • Movie Ticket  200B x 30 tickets  15 winners (equivalent of 6000B worth)(two tickets per person)
  • Little Pea Play group ticket at Little Pea  350Bx5 tickets  5 winners (equivalent of 1750B worth)
  • Little Pea Drop in ticket at Little Pea  200Bx20 tickets 20 winners (equivalent of 4000B worth)
  • Little Pea Food & Drink ticket at Little Pea  200Bx10 tickets  10 winners (equivalent of 2000B worth)

50 winners in total
※ Little Pea: A children's facility in Thong Lo

Prize delivery

Bangkok Area: Deliver by Messenger service
Other areas (except Bangkok): Post

Campaign Organization

aJapan Campaign Thailand
e-mail: ajapan.dance.th@gmail.com


The prize will be delivered on the first-come-first-served basis.
*One person can get only once
*Organizer will contact and announce the winners after posting video clip is confirmed.
*Only participants who live in Thailand are eligible for the campaign.

Program details

Every Saturday 9:30 - 10:00
The program will be broadcast from Saturday 30 Dec. 2017 to Saturday 27 Jan. 2018 in “”WAKUWAKU JAPAN HOUR “on CH3 SD (28).

Program details:

Every Monday to Friday
Myanmar 6:45 - 7:00   |   Singapore 7:15 - 7:30   |   Sri Lanka 5:45 - 6:00   |   Mongolia 8:15 - 8:30


It will begin broadcasting on October 2, 2017, in Indonesia, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan, Sri Lanka, Thailand, Vietnam and Mongolia, a new original series, “Let’s Enjoy Japanese! aJapan”.

“aJapan” is a Japanese educational TV program for Kids and parents, and designed to teach, play and entertain. 
PIKO TARO, the Japanese singing sensation who skyrocketed to global fame with his single, PPAP, to play in “aJapan”. And also “KEROPONS” who is a very popular Japanese kids dance song “EBIKANIKUSU”. They are making a new song and dancing in the “aJapan”. Please enjoy along with the “aJapan” and don’t miss it!

Terms of the application

■ About the application
  1. An application of either a photo or movie is possible, and an application by one person or by a group of people is possible.
  2. One person can make an application any number of times.
  3. Communication expenses, etc. occurred when making an application will be borne by a customer.
  4. Depending on the type of environment, making an application may not be possible.
  5. If there is no hashtag, the application will be invalid.
  6. Posted photos or movies shall be allowed to be used for a broadcasting program, website or SNS of WAKUWAKU JAPAN after WAKUWAKU JAPAN edits it.
  7. The five highest ranked persons may participate in the final competition of the contest. The organization will notify the corresponding candidates of the results.
  8. Employees and related people of WAKUWAKU JAPAN or its affiliates may not make an application.
  9. Campaign contents may be changed without notice.

■ About the prize
  1. Invitation of Nippon Travel Agency will be one couple consisting of a contest winner and his or her companion.
  2. Winner’s right shall be applicable to the winner only and it may not be transferred to a third party and may not be converted into money.
  3. Miscellaneous travel expenses including transportation and accommodation expenses in Japan, other personal expenses and overseas travel accident insurance shall be borne by the winner and his or her companion.
  4. Participation with this travel shall be limited to persons who have no obstacle to participate in the travel and who are able to finish all predetermined travel preparations including the submission of application, travel rule agreement, etc. by the specified date.
  5. A part of the contents and itinerary of the travel may be changed under some circumstances.
  6. All or a part of the travel may be changed or canceled if safe and smooth implementation in accordance with the travel itinerary is not possible due to international situations, natural disaster, wars, riots, travel service suspension of transportation and accommodations, etc., sanitary reason or an order by the government, etc.
  7. If a part of the travel is changed or canceled in accordance with provisions of the above section 5 or 6, or if the winner or his or her companion is not applicable to these rules or cannot participate in this travel due to other reasons, the organization shall not be liable for paying money or any other compensation.
  8. Persons who are in poor health condition or who are elderly persons or persons who are pregnant may not participate in the travel.
  9. A person who is less than 21 years old shall need a letter of consent regarding travel signed by his or her guardian.
  10. A person who is less than 18 years old shall need to be accompanied by his or her guardian during the travel.

■ About the examination
  1. Careful consideration will be carried out at the organization. Winner will be directly notified by the organization.
  2. If the winner cannot be contacted, winning may be canceled.
  3. Winning may be invalid if the winner is deemed to be not applicable to the above rules.
  4. Please refrain from inquiring the results.

Personal Information

■ Handling personal information
  • Personal information collected during the application of this campaign will be strictly managed at the responsibility of the organization.
  • Personal information collected during the application of this campaign will be discarded after the proper period from the end of this campaign has passed.
  • Personal information collected during the application of this campaign will be used for the purpose of examining applications, notification of winning, forwarding a prize and for other purposes of carrying out and marketing this campaign.
  • When necessary in executing and operating this campaign, the organization may disclose personal information collected from applicants to a company who handles programs. In this case, the organization shall have the information receiving company handle personal information properly.

Contents filled in a questionnaire when making an application for this campaign may be used to prepare statistical material which does not identify a specific individual to produce a program.

Contact Information
Campaign Organization: info@ajapan-cp.com
Business Hours: 10:00-17:00 except Saturdays, Sundays and holidays
※Inquiry is limited to email.
※Response period: By December 29, 2017
※It will take 10 business days to answer after receiving an inquiry.